Library Support

A primary source of funds for the AAUW Corpus Christi Branch has been the annual book sales held at the Neyland Library, a branch of Corpus Christi Public Libraries.  Book sales are coordinated by the Book Finders Committee that was founded and chaired by Sue Stanford for many years.  When Sue passed away in 2012, donations were made to the Friends of the Corpus Christi Public Libraries in her name.  Those funds were set aside for an annual memorial program at the Neyland Library.  The first year’s donations were used to present the Carranza Puppeteers Children’s show.

Each year since, the AAUW Corpus Christi Branch has donated funds annually to the Friends of the Corpus Christi Public Libraries, and a portion of these funds help support the Children’s Reading Program. The Public Library hosts a variety of children’s events focused on encouraging reading at a young age, and the AAUW donations help supply the books, crafts, and other materials needed for these events.  The Children’s Reading Program includes events such as Preschool Music and Motion, Ready Readers, Baby Lapsit Storytime, and Mad about Science. Other special events include the annual Children’s Library Festival and Summer Reading Club.  (See Circus Chicken DogLanky the Clown and Dr. Sketchy.) The program is structured to support learning through fun interactive activities for children of all ages.

Another portion of our donations to the Friends of the Corpus Christi Public Libraries has been used to supplement the adult sections of the library.  Donations have been used to buy 1,000 classic books that formed the foundation of the “Classics Collection.”   The library also has used donations to expand the selection of classic movie DVDs and books on CD.

Another event co-hosted by the Branch, in partnership with the Corpus Christi Public Libraries, is a dinner honoring the authors of young adult literature, as a part of the Teen Bookfest By the Bay. These authors are invited by the Public Library to present writing workshops for secondary area students. The workshops provide insight to the building blocks for establishing character, setting, form, and structure for a well-written story. These techniques also provide students with the skills to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.