Community Outreach

2020 Holiday Shopping for YWTeens

The AAUW Corpus Christi Branch has an annual tradition of spreading some holiday cheer by sponsoring a “Holiday Shopping Spree” for the YWCA YWTeens program.  This event is structured to provide five holiday gifts that the ten-to-twelve-year-old girls in the YWTeen program can give to their family members.  The year 2020 was hit hard with COVID-19 restrictions, but our Branch managed to host a modified holiday event.

On December 13, 2020, packages with five gifts each for the girls’ family members were assembled and distributed to the 25 girls in the program this year.  Branch member Dottie Ewing was our Santa shopper, purchasing the gift items with Branch funds.  Branch members Vickie Natale and Kelly Gonzalez donated the 125 holiday bags used for the individual gift items. As an added treat this year, Branch members Catherine Cox and Alice Berecka made and donated individual bracelets for each girl as a personal gift.  We had additional assistance from the YWCA team who assembled the packages and distributed them to the girls as their families drove into the parking lot.  We thank the YWCA staff “elves” for their extra help this year – it would have been hard to complete the project without them!

YWCA staff members assembled packages for the YW Teens.

Bracelets made by Catherine Cox and Alice Berecka

Delivery of packages, 2020-style

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