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2022 Peace of Mind Seminar

On Saturday, October 15, 2022, the Community Outreach Committee of the AAUW Corpus Christi Branch presented a seminar on “Peace of Mind” at the YWCA. The free seminar was open to the public, and more than 30 individuals attended.

The Seminar was designed to encourage individuals to plan for the end of life – for themselves and their loved ones.  Attendees learned that planning for one’s own end of life and helping loved ones plan for theirs will bring to all greater peace of mind.

The speakers for the event included:

  • Susan E. Hutchinson, J.D., an attorney with Davis, Hutchinson, and Wilkerson, L.L.P., who specializes in wills and probates and who is a former Y Women in Careers recipient. Hutchinson discussed relevant topics including: transferring assets into a living trust; creating a joint tenant with survivorship account; statutory power of attorney; medical power of attorney; directive to physicians; and executors for your will.

    Dr. Sylvia Rendon, VP of Membership; speaker Susan Hutchinson; Dr. Catherine Cox, President

  • Dr. Nestor Praderio, a geriatrician who has been in practice for over 48 years, specializing in psychiatry and geriatric psychiatry. As a geriatrician, Dr. Praderio focuses on the unique health needs of the elderly, including chronic diseases, such as dementia.   Dr. Praderio discussed the progression of dementia and that, currently, there is no known treatment or medication that will cure or stop progression of the disease.  The greatest risk factor for dementia is aging.  Other high-risk factors include hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, alcohol use, and a person’s connection to others.  Ways to help reduce the risk of dementia include a healthy diet, regular exercise, limiting alcohol, and keeping your blood pressure at a healthy level.  Dr. Praderio stated that it is important to see a doctor early for diagnosis, to receive education and guidance about the disease.

    Dr. Nestor Praderio

  • Shanice Mendoza, a benefits counselor from the Coastal Bend Area Agency on Aging. Mendoza discussed the support services for the elderly that are provided by the agency.  Many of the services are in high demand, resulting in a wait list for specialized services, such as assistance for clients needing environmental or medical equipment modifications to meet their needs.  The agency runs a “Hope Closet” that has medical equipment that has been donated by others and is available for those in need.  If you have medical equipment that you no longer need, they will accept donations for the Hope Closet.

    Shirley Selz, Parliamentarian; Dr. Sylvia Rendon, VP Membership; speaker Shanice Mendoza; Dr. Catherine Cox, President

AAUW member Shirley Selz also developed a Planning Guide and made copies for attendees that can be used to assist with practical considerations regarding the needs of individuals as they age, face health issues, and approach the end of life.  The Guide is intended to help users organize and gather information in a timely manner before last minute decisions must be made.

The AAUW Branch sincerely thanks members Kelly Gonzalez, Dr. Sylvia Rendon, Dr. Diana Cardenas, Shirley Selz, and Dr. Catherine Cox who planned and coordinated the event, as well as Nancy Wesson-Dodd and the YWCA for providing the venue for the event.  The seminar was well received, and several attendees indicated that they would like to hear more.

Story and photos by Dr. Vickie Natale

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